The Drought Narrative Continues as They Drain Deer Creek Reservoir into a Dead Sea

Updated Sept. 16, 2022         Governor Spencer Cox, Lieutenant Governor Diedre Henderson, Speaker of House Brad Wilson, and other Legislators & Senators have been talking a lot, lately, about the supposed arsenic levels in the Great Salt Lake. The narrative is that the arsenic comes from the rock sediments and minerals that […]

Water Part I

Updated: Aug 20, 2022      Do you know what they are doing to Utah’s water supply & how it affects our food source?       So, what’s the deal with Utah’s water? Do we know why our water levels are so low? Is it really due to a drought? Have you noticed water piping […]

What do you know about Electro Convulsion & Psychosurgery for Children in Utah?

By: Chelcie Hope  Updated: Sep 16, 2022     Utah’s Torture Therapy        How far would someone have to go to hurt your children before it crossed a line for the entire community? Bullying? Assault? What about electro convulsion therapy, to intentionally cause grand mal seizures, in the name of “suicide prevention treatment” to treat […]