Updated Sept. 16, 2022

        Governor Spencer Cox, Lieutenant Governor Diedre Henderson, Speaker of House Brad Wilson, and other Legislators & Senators have been talking a lot, lately, about the supposed arsenic levels in the Great Salt Lake. The narrative is that the arsenic comes from the rock sediments and minerals that naturally run off into the Great Salt Lake and that, if this “drought” causes all of the water in the Great Salt Lake to dry up and evaporate, then what’s left on the salt flat floor will be deadly arsenic particles that could be swept up by the wind, making the air we breathe toxic. As a solution to this problem, they have proposed the idea of diverting water from other Utah reservoirs into the Great Salt Lake to keep the lake levels high enough to avoid complete evaporation of the lake.

      My dad just so happened to drive out to Deer Creek Reservoir, up Provo Canyon, on September 9th. When he got there, he found that they were not allowing boats onto the reservoir. When he asked why, workers at Deer Creek told him that the lake is draining so quickly, they can’t risk having boats on the water right now. My dad then asked them why they are draining the lake. They told him the reservoir is being drained into the Great Salt Lake. To put this in perspective, Deer Creek provides clean drinking water to half of Utah and it provides irrigation to our farmers. A few friends of mine decided to head out to Deer Creek on September 10th, to see if they were actually draining the reservoir, and they found water being emptied out of the dams at a massive rate. They sent me video of this, that you can see here and here. The water is flowing into the Provo River which is then diverted to the Great Salt Lake via an underground water piping system. That is a LOT of water to drain, if it’s not necessary, and it will affect us greatly. In case you are wondering, legislation gave $60 million last year for new infrastructure for Deer Creek. When they allocated that money, we were told that the reservoir would not be drained. I have not been able to find an article, or a house bill, explaining or giving officials permission to drain our water supply from Deer Creek. It seems they are doing this illegally without our consent, but I have reached out to legislation to have them verify this for me and let me know if there was a bill that they passed allowing this. I haven’t heard back from them yet but I will let you know if and when I do. Either way, it is very deceitful and nefarious to line their pockets with $60 million of tax-payer money on infrastructure for a reservoir that they just turned around and drained anywa

        Considering the fact that we are starting to find out that we have been lied to about things relating to science lately, I find it difficult to believe that the earth’s crust contains such a deadly weapon. Maybe I’m wrong. But, let’s think about this constructively. Lake Bonneville has been drying up for hundreds of years and the Great Salt Lake has supposedly been drying up for decades now. If all of that arsenic has been running off into the lake naturally, all this time, wouldn’t there have always been arsenic levels in the lake? If that is the case, as the lake has dried up over the past few decades, don’t you find it interesting that this never seemed to pose a threat to us before?

        The Bonneville Salt Flats stretch over 63,000 feet. They are twelve miles long and five miles wide. Doesn’t it make sense that, as those salt floors were being exposed, we would have been breathing in toxic dust all along? Why is it that, all of a sudden, this poses such a threat to us when it was never a threat before? If they are draining our clean drinking water sources into the Great Salt Lake, which is a dead sea and leaves that water unusable, why is there water being diverted from the Great Salt Lake, through the West Desert Pump canals, into the west desert to evaporate in the heat? Why fill the lake just to empty it into the west?

        This left me questioning if there is actually arsenic in the lake. On one hand, if there is no arsenic in the lake, then our government officials have a lot of explaining to do as to why they are draining all of our other reservoirs to fill the lake. If there is arsenic in the lake, then the next question would be, where is that arsenic really coming from? Is it actually naturally occurring like they say it is? Or is it possible it is being put there intentionally? According to the patents that Dane Wigington posted, who I mentioned in my water blog part I, these particles are being sprayed by chem trails on a federal level. In addition, it is possible that Kennecott Copper Mine has runoff from their mining into the lake. I spoke with an expert about this: a hydrologist. She told me that water has DNA. She can test water from the lake and tell us what other water sources are already in the Great Salt Lake due to the fact that each water source has its own unique code of DNA. With a sample of Kennecott mining slurry, she can also test any arsenic in the Great Salt Lake to the arsenic levels found in the slurry, and tell us if any arsenic in the lake is coming from the mines and not from natural sediment runoff. On September 9, 2022, the same day my dad was out at Deer Creek Reservoir, I took another trip out to the West Desert Pumps at the Great Salt Lake. I took my own sample of the lake’s water, from one of the West Desert Pump canals, and dropped it off with the hydrologist I spoke with. She is going to test the water for arsenic. If there is arsenic, she will let us know if the levels are high enough to leave highly toxic dust residue, should the lake completely dry up, and she is going to let us know exactly where that arsenic is coming from. Once she has those results for me, within the next two weeks, I will update you with those results. So stay tuned.

      In my last blog, I explained how the drought narrative is being created and manipulated. I wanted to give you an update on some information I came across from a man who has been investigating water resources in other areas including the western Colorado River water supply diversions. He visited the source of the Colorado River at the Continental Divide and found that they have placed tunnels that divert water, which is meant to flow west, eastward around the mountain before that water can even reach where it is supposed to go, to flow to western states and cities who are paying for those water rights. He recorded his trip and findings which you can watch here. Another man, who lives in Vegas, recorded a video explaining some of the questionable water events happening with Lake Mead here.

     Something else to be aware of is that the same narrative is happening in several states right now. Somehow, there is some dangerous cancer causing agent in important water sources across the country. Don’t you find that a bit odd? It’s a pretty big coincidence for the exact same scenarios to be happening in more than one state at the very same time, but it’s a pretty massive coincidence to be happening in several states at once. Not only that, but we all seem to be having fires, at the same time, that somehow are all spouting the same narrative of the need for new water supply infrastructure. Utah just had a fire in Jacob City and, according to a KSL article dated August 25, 2022, the small rural town of Stockton, due to the aftermath of that fire, just had a water boil order issued on their tap water. Apparently, their water treatment plant was shut down due to the risk of contamination from sediment and debris entering their water supply. KSL mentions that the town “is in such disarray that they will need to take a $3 million dollar loan out to replace the water system or the town will not survive and they will need to dissolve the town.” Dissolve the town? Knowing what we know, it’s a little hard not to connect dots here: either this town is to digitally connect to the smart grid with new infrastructure, or the town will be dissolved and those city residents will be forced into already smart developed towns or cities.

     According to KCBD and CNN, after a fire scorched vegetation and farmland around both Las Vegas and a city in New Mexico, the Galinas River which provides water, for both Vegas and New Mexico, is also so contaminated with charred soil that their current water filtration system cannot clean their water now either. On September 3rd, this New Mexico city’s officials claimed that the city only had 20 days of clean drinking water left. They also stated that, “when carbon from the charred soil reacts with chlorine used to treat water, it can become carcinogenic.” California is sharing similar stories & the California Department of Water Resources is echoing this themselves. Jackson, Mississippi, who is also under a water boil order and needing to “repair” water infrastructure and their O.B. Curtis water pumps. An August 31st article reads that their governor had recently made the statement that “it was a near-certainty that Jackson would fail to produce running water sometime in the next several weeks or months if something did not materially improve” Now, that’s interesting: not only Utah, but New Mexico, Nevada, Mississippi, California, and possibly other states as well, all seem to be having fires at the same time. Not only that, but it is happening in rural towns where the burned soil is running off into the water supply resulting in cancer causing agents in the water. The Great Salt Lake has arsenic from supposed “sediment runoff” in the water. Additionally, all of a sudden the water filtration systems, across the board, supposedly cannot handle treating water with burned soil in it, leaving all these cities to needing new water infrastructure. So, our water filtration systems now can’t handle filtering out soil and ash from our water supply when our systems haven’t ever seemed to have any problems with it before?? It’s not like this is the first time we have ever had fires and that ash & burned soil have landed in our water.

     Dane Wigington, who I mentioned in my firs water blog, talks about engineered fires and, along with the U.S. military and government patents that he provides, he includes a formerly classified U.S. Military document titled “Forest Fire as a Military Weapon” stating that “it is a truly shocking expose of planned scorched Earth destruction. It reveals the shocking degree of research that the U.S. military and the U.S. Forest Service has put into preparing forests for extreme incineration.”

Is this why the entire west countryside of the U.S., including Utah, has been ablaze?

        If you remember, in my first water blog, I told you about the BiodiverCities that the World Economic Forum and United Nations want implemented in all cities around the globe. To reiterate, BiodiverCities are a combination of government owned and regulated smart cities which include smart energy & electricity, smart homes, smart water, government regulated green spaces & community gardens, and vertical farms with genetically modified food, along with the implementation of ESG (communist social credit score using your carbon footprint, ideology, religion, and political beliefs). Once you do something you’re not allowed to do, you will digitally get cut off to scanning into your apartment building or onto the transit system to travel. You may have your heat, air-conditioning, or water turned off on you as well. In order for them to have control over the entire populations, they will need rural towns to be brought into urban smart communities. Farmers and those who are not dependent on them to live, are a problem for the new system that they want to implement. In order to do this, they either have to bring rural populations to urban cities, bring the new 5G and coming 6G broadband network, transit, and smart water systems to rural towns, or according to the article on Utah’s recent fire, they will start dissolving those self-dependent towns. As a reminder, this new smart water system includes smart water controls and artificial intelligent water piping that is connected to satellites and the new global digital grid.     

     As a reminder, our U.S. government published Owning the Weather by 2025 in 1996. In that published document, they admit to weather modification and planning on using the weather as a forced multiplier (something we would be better off without). Several articles have mentioned this in the past including this one. The book is even listed on Amazon. If you’d like to read up more about our U.S. military and government using weather modification as a weapon of warfare, you can do so here and here. You can also view U.S. government & military patents and documents which confirm weather modification and the use of toxic particles in the chem trails they use over our water and land. According to all of these documents and patents, droughts and floods are being created intentionally through manipulation of the weather.

     I want to let you know that the Utah Division of Water Resources sits on the board of the Weather Modification Association. The Utah Division of Water Resources also happens to be the division responsible for maintaining the Great Salt Lake West Desert Pumps and also coordinates with Deer Creek Reservoir.

     So, are all of these fires really naturally occurring or are they being started intentionally? Is it true when they tell us our water filtration systems all of a sudden have an issue filtering ash and soil out of our water supply when they never had that problem before? Is it just a coincidence that these all seem to be rural cities and that they need to bring new water infrastructure to self-reliant towns? How about the fact that we know they want to install smart green water infrastructure and none of these towns have those yet? Is it a coincidence that, out of the blue, they are now deciding to tell us that ash from fire can mix with chlorine and cause cancer? If that’s the case, wouldn’t swimming pools have always been a danger to us as well? Do we believe it is also a coincidence that all of these coincidences are happening across several states at the exact same time? It’s also extremely interesting that, as I mentioned before, somehow natural arsenic runoff evaporating into the air was never toxic before (as the Great Salt Lake has been drying up for decades) but it just now has become a problem. How many coincidences do there have to be for something not to be a coincidence anymore?

        Results from my water samples are coming. I will keep you posted. Part II of the Water Blog Saga is also coming soon. In the meantime, call your legislators and Governor Cox’s offices and let them know that this is NOT OK. You may also want to stock up on water storage at home because, with Deer Creek being intentionally drained, our lives are about to change drastically.