By: Chelcie Hope 

Updated: Sep 16, 2022    

Utah’s Torture Therapy


     How far would someone have to go to hurt your children before it crossed a line for the entire community? Bullying? Assault? What about electro convulsion therapy, to intentionally cause grand mal seizures, in the name of “suicide prevention treatment” to treat a mental health illness? What about psychosurgery, lobotomy or brain surgery? If someone ever tried to subject our children to such a horrific experiment, one would think that we would absolutely come together to put a stop to it. But what if your own local government, and mental health clinics, were already doing it? What if they had already been doing it for some time? What if they had been doing this under the radar without you even knowing?

     According to Utah Code R523-8-5, and backed by The Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, The Utah Department of Health and Human Services has been giving electroconvulsive therapy and lobotomies specifically to children to treat suicidal thoughts and destruction of property as a mental health illness through “behavioral health.” What makes this even sicker is how this code has been amended over the years. It began with electroshock for adults, was amended from adults to children specifically, and then the electroshock was amended to read electro convulsion with the purpose of intentionally inducing grand mal seizures. Katherine Bryson tried to sponsor H.B. 109, in 2004, which would prohibit this treatment on anyone under the age of 18. It would also require informed consent to be given that would include side effects of this treatment including hemorrhaging of the brain, cardiac arrest, permanent memory loss, and more. It would also require any autopsies, of death within 14 hours of treatment, to be reported to the state. This bill was struck down and did not pass. They want this treatment given and they know this is killing our children and they are doing it anyway.

     It’s safe to assume most people thought this form of mental health “treatment” was done away with after the dark ages. Apparently, not in Utah. R523-8-5 also states that, if a guardian refuses this treatment, the department can schedule a hearing where two “Fact Finders” will be appointed to hear arguments and make a final decision. If the Fact Finders decide that it is “in the best interest” of the child to be subjected to these treatments, they will “authorize” the treatment to be scheduled and the child will then be forced to begin these treatments within 48 hours of the decision. Since when do two random un-elected individuals know what’s in the best interest of our children better than we do as their parents? Furthermore, in order to check the child into an in-patient care system, at an approved mental health clinic to receive this horrific therapy, the guardian is also forced to sign custody of their child over to the mental health “authority” or to the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

     First of all, this labeling of state government public service agencies who work for us, as authorities, really needs to stop. They can call themselves authorities all they want but the truth of the matter is none of us have ever signed that authority over to them. They have just decided to deem that upon themselves.

     Second, since when do we allow our due process system, within a court of law, to be stripped into nothing more than two appointed Fact Finders to make an authoritative decision like this for our children? In addition, there were those who tried to sponsor bills that would, at the very least, allow a parent to appeal the Fact Finders decision to move forward with this treatment. It would involve the actual state courts. Those bills were also struck down and not passed.

     What’s even worse is that the Utah Code that was placed, giving the Division the power to get away with this, was passed into law without even having to pass a bill through our state House of Representatives to be voted on. Yes, you read that right. This appalling code was made through a non-legislative committee that was created five decades ago, by our state legislation, called the Office of Administrative Rulemaking Act. This committee is able to make rules of their own and pass them into law by making a public post, through the Office of Administrative Rules, through a publishing page that Utah residents probably aren’t even aware exists. Utah Code 63G -3-2 gives these rules the power to “have the effect of law.” If this isn’t enough to make your head spin, a series of SHARP surveys are given to kids at school asking them very intentional, specific, and ugly questions which gather data on if they fit the criteria for these treatments. The survey starts in 6th grade and asks students questions about their prior substance use or drug use curiosities, if they or their friends have ever damaged or talked about damaging property, if they or their friends have ever stolen anything or thought about theft, and of course all sorts of self-harm questions including the following: if they have ever burned, cut, or hurt themselves physically (or if they have ever thought about it), if they are ever sad, anxious, depressed, thought about suicide, and other questions such as how many guns are in their home. They even go as far as to ask personal questions about home life including how many siblings they have at home and expose them to the term transgender. You can access a list of these survey questions here. Would it surprise you that our state Department of Health and Human Services is behind issuing these surveys through the schools?

     Now, this probably has you asking the question: How did we get here?? Let’s take a look at what’s been going on in Utah this past year. Utah has a new “health crisis” battle cry being echoed throughout government agencies, non-profits, mental health clinics, corporations, other stakeholders, and even our House of Representatives. In fact, nearly every single one of Utah’s governmental departments are repeating the same cry. That cry is called “behavioral health.” Heard of it? Behavioral health is focused around an individual’s behavior…obviously. The concept of behavioral health is that, if an undesired behavior is seen in someone, then psychology can be used to fix that unwanted behavior. Now, this can be used as a good thing when trying to teach kids not to hit or bully others. Not too long ago, that would have just been called ‘being a kid’ and learning from choices and consequences as we grow. However, it’s now been termed “behavioral health” by the World Economic Forum and the American Psychiatric Association, and has sent a rippling effect, to adopt the same term, through thousands of companies and government agencies in our country who are partnered with them. Unfortunately, this new term has taken a very dark turn for Utah.

     Now behavioral health is used to achieve a “desired behavioral outcome.” In other words, you can modify a child’s behavior and thought process to manipulate that thought process to what you want it to be, via the means of manipulative psychology. The NIH is currently doing studies on electrophoretic DNA sequencing where they are studying human genomes and how to pull proteins out of DNA via positive electrodes, which makes this all the more disturbing considering they are partnered with the American Psychiatric Association who is partnered with the Utah Department of Health and Human Services.

     Schools are now using something called Game 2 Game via The Teacher Toolkit which is a resource for teaches to use the desired behavior outcome method. The Game 2 Game instruction sets for teachers include how to play games with kids in class and use a reward system to praise certain behaviors and thought processes which include conforming to using pronouns, transgender and critical race theory ideology, and a specific narrative regarding climate change which will affect how we change our infrastructure. The game’s guidelines also instruct teachers to ignore students with “undesired behavior” or opposition to these ideologies. These games also give teachers a two page guide of how to diagnose their students with mental disorders themselves. These disorders include depression, attention-deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, etc. So, now we have teachers (who are severe untrained and educated in the depth of psychology & who are also unlicensed, diagnosing children and sending diagnosis to our state without us knowing?

     Due to Utah’s checks and balances being obliterated by the merging of government departments together, and Governor Spencer Cox’s decision to blatantly violate our constitution by celebrating all three branches of government collaborating, The Department of Health and Division of Mental Health merged with The Department of Human Services and the Division of Substance Abuse and creating the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health under one Department of Health and Human Services. The new boards and committees of these departments include members of legislation, lawyers and judges, and the governor’s cabinet. Legislation also gave Spencer Cox the authority to appoint almost every member to each board.

     So, now the governor and legislation are participating in something our U.S. Constitution prohibits: combining government branches rather than keeping them separate for checks and balances. Governor Spencer Cox’s cabinet member, Tracy Gruber, bragged about the merging of agencies under Cox’s new State of Reform Collaborative. It is a pretty bold move to actually call the operations of the collaborative, “State of Reform.” It is probably safe to say that most Utahns are NOT OK with our governor taking over and reforming our state and healthcare system however he sees fit, without our vote or approval, and admittedly in the favor of stakeholders.

     Unconscious bias, racial justice, racial equity, and other forms of critical race theory, as well as the transgender affirmation movement, have sadly played a deeper role than racism and transitioning youth. Mental Health clinics, such as the one at Intermountain Healthcare, which offer gender reaffirming hormone blockers and surgery, also offer Electroconvulsive “Treatment” specifically for depression. Huntsman Mental Health Institute, among other health clinics, also offer this treatment. Electroconvulsive and psychosurgery were only able to be implemented into the same category under the guise of behavioral health. If it has to do with your behavior, it can now be tied to a mental illness no matter how insane the reason for connecting the two may be. This is because behavioral mental health supposedly includes what the World Economic Forum, UNESCO, and Governor’s Cox’s team, all refer to as “risk factors” and “social determinants.” These risk factors are items that these organizations have decided can affect a person’s state of mental well-being. Naturally, that would include depression, anxiety, and other emotions that lead to suicidal thoughts and behaviors. The World Economic Forum and UNESCO have determined that the internet, along with transgender and racism issues, contribute to suicide in children; which is confusing to say the least, considering they are the ones who are pushing these ideologies into the public, and on children, all day every day. They have even reached out to municipal and community level non-profits and organizations to advocate for their ideologies.

     On June 8, 2022, a group, who is sponsored by our former governor Mike Leavitt, along with the project manager of Utah Hospital Association and a representative from the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institution, presented to our state Legislation during interim session to discuss their findings of a “research study” they did through the Utah State Hospital (who participates in electro convulsive and psychosurgery). They spoke about the new popular “trauma-informed approach” which allows kids to choose their own treatment and to receive support from a peer who has had major trauma issues along with the rest of the community and a therapist or counselor. It seems a little backwards to treat supposed trauma using this system as opposed to traditional therapy, from an actual licensed psychiatrist, rather than a team of people who, according to Utah Code R523 Chapter 5, only have to complete 40 hours of training and be at least 18 years old to treat a child for serious trauma. This trauma-informed approach allows a child to participate in creating his own treatment based off how he or she wants to be treated and teaches that traditional psychiatrists are controlling because they don’t allow the patient to have a say in how he or she wants to be treated.

     This is a recipe for affirming gender identity and gender reassignment surgery. In fact, the Department of Health and Human Service’s Code of Ethics states that, anyone offering peer support for this program, must not discriminate against sexual orientation and gender identity. The presenting group also talked about how they specifically target black and transgender people and kids. They mentioned that they were disappointed with the results of the survey because 60% of those they interviewed refused to “admit to their unconscious bias.” They then went on to advocate to bring this ideology and mental health clinics directly into schools via a house bill that Utah Senator, Kathleen Riebe, sponsored. Interestingly enough, Riebe also voted nay, on May 18, 2022, to removing the Hope Scholarship which requires parents to implement gender identity and critical race theory into their programs at home if they take grant money from the state for the scholarship. Schmoop Heartbeat also presented on integrating emotional awareness and emotions into education which would, yet again, bring behavioral health into the schools. It is absolutely terrifying that the system has brought even non-profits and supposed “care-coalitions” into our schools and well-being of our children’s lives.

     It’s not a secret that our kids are being targeted by these ideologies like we have never seen before. They have been subjected to things like an elementary school principal, in Atlanta, segregating her elementary students by race just last year. Things like teachers putting up Safe Space stickers to let their students know they will support transgender thoughts and curiosities without letting their parents know about their private conversations. These stickers feature the pride flag and display a community of triangles that, according to the founder who created them, “honor the gay pink triangle and lesbian black triangle from Nazi Germany.” Students are also given access to these resources through teachers and community members, through the Safe Space Toolkit, through fieldtrips and after school programs. Kids are even being invited to transgender events, hosted by adults, which prohibit parents from attending. In fact, several businesses have been asked to put up LGBTQ stickers, in their windows, through Encircle, to signal to LGBTQ kids and teens that they are welcome there. Now, while we should all be accepting and loving of every kid, it does not mean we should be allowing businesses to invite our children into their buildings, solely due to knowledge of a child’s “sexuality.” Or are we supposed to expect that it should just be normalized to suddenly ignore the advice we were given growing up to never talk to strangers? In case people have forgotten, in the name of “diversity” and “inclusion”, there are still predators out there who would very much love to take advantage of our children’s’ vulnerability and open sexuality. One of the aggravating things about this is that organizations who provide this space to kids, without parents’ awareness, should know better; given the fact that they are supposed to be mental health experts with the claimed best “evidence-based research”. Some of these mental health experts are psychologists and mental health clinics, like Bear River Mental Health (who is also administering electro convulsion therapy to children).

     Even our Utah daycares are given subsidies and grants, through the Department of Workforce Services Office of Child Care, to implement what is called a “high quality rating” routine into their daycares. One of the requirements for specifically two year olds, under “early learning” and “early development” programs, which fall into this high quality rating, is to make sure that there are plenty of clothing and props to dress up and play in all gender roles. This doesn’t seem to be much of a threat all on its own, but when you couple it with everything else going on, the Office of Child Care’s Screening for Child Development, after-school programs, and the coordination between state agencies to be involved with the mental health of children, it starts to paint a little bit of a darker picture. It’s frightening that these departments work together across all state and federal agencies to share the data they have collected on your children with each other. Did you know that our state governor’s cabinet admittedly uses Thentia Cloud which tracks data collection on students for governments?

     Several Utah Mental Health Strategic Plans, including the Utah Division of Health & Substance Abuse’s 2019 plan, have been laying the framework to integrate behavior health into our schools and communities. In fact, the Utah Department of Health and Human Services admits they want to use evidence based blueprints. These plans mimic the World Economic Forum’s Global Governance Toolkit for Digital Mental Health white papers. These white papers go back for decades but you can see their most recent mental health paper here. Thentia Cloud has its own White Papers as well and one of them is called The Promise of Data Driven Regulation. It is alarming that a global non-government organization wants global access to governance over all children’s mental health. Isn’t that supposed to be left to each individual country, state, and ultimately to We The People to determine who “governs” the mental health and safety of our children? Shouldn’t that be left to parents to decide rather than to the community as a collective as the World Economic Forum and United Nations advocate for? Why are our Utah government agencies, those sworn to protect our constitution, allowing an organization that we never elected to make these decisions for us rather than leaving the power to the people and parents?

     How is it that we got to a point where, as gate-keepers, guarding the gate to our government processes, we fell asleep guarding the gate and stopped watching what they were doing? How have we allowed them to sneak this through Utah’s back door?

     It’s time for Utah to wake back up and take its post as guard of the gate again. You can help us do so by starting to show up to our Senate building for Legislative Session. Keep yourself updated with the legislative schedule and agenda here.

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